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Competence and dynamism

MMS is an Italian company offering medical transports and  services for crew members and passengers of cruise ships and all types of vessels.
We are present in major Italian ports and collaborate with many providers you can rely on to get the best value for money.

We have developed an extensive network of specialists and transporters that is constantly expanding and evolving.

Our staff is activated as soon as the request is received and seeks availability for booking specialist examinations, PEME and for medical and non-medical transport.

Our scope of work is continuously expanding and we aim to be present in the Italian territory.
New projects are being developed that we will be happy to announce once completed.
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The PEME project

An important aspect we are developing at the moment is pre-embarkation visits (PEME), particularly in some cities of Italy.

The companies require us to arrnge analysis, tests and examinations for their crew members in order to let them b
oard and work aboard the ships with a valid certificate.

We already collaborate with a number of medical centers to conduct the examinations and tests necessary for certification and, from time to time, we find contracts and make agreements with new clinics and laboratories with which we can also collaborate in the future and organize our clients' examinations.

Michael S. Guest, Civitavecchia

“Federica has been our liaison here from your company. We just want you to know we love her and she has been so very supportive and helpful. She has enabled us to stay upbeat during this difficult time and has been so kind and understanding. Our situation would be untenable without the support we are receiving from Federica during our stay here. She has been able to explain everything to us and answer all of our questions. The unknown was the worst for us and she has made us feel so much better and relieved lots of stress for us. She is a great ambassador for MMS in our opinion and just a dear person we shall never forget."
Uno yacht in mare
Mediterranean Marine Services is coming
(...and we know what's coming with it)

We are developing a new project that will work alongside Marine Medical Service. In addition to medical, there are a sea of opportunities and services that we will be happy to offer you.
Stay tuned.

Our Services

Tubi curvi blu

Medical Referrals

Our core business over the years has been the organization of medical services for seafarers and ship passengers. 

We receive requests for examinations and usually find the requested appointment in a very short time, as well as round-trip transportation, with stopover included.

We take care of the translation of the report from Italian to English and sometimes on-site support with our own staff.

If you have special needs, we can support you with your transportation

  • transportation of the disabled

  • elderly transport

  • transport of the sick

  • blood and blood products transport

  • collection transport

  • dialysis transport

  • covid protected transport

Services are available not only throughout Italy but also abroad.

Our fleet has more than 100 cars, including vehicles with footboards and wheelchairs.
In addition, emergency response, nursing services, transportation to hospitals and specialized centers are also carried out.



Seatrade Cruise Med 2022
Malaga - September 14-15, 2022

Seatrade Cruise Global 2023
Miami - March 27-30, 2023

Our Team


Adriano Lanzoni

Chief Financial Officer


Lara Frosi

Commercial Director


Agnese Perrone

Operation Manager


Monica Rossi

Administrative Manager

arianna neri_preview_rev_1.png

Arianna Neri

Port Specialist

federica savino_preview_rev_1.png

Federica Savino

Port Specialist


Daria Antonacci

Port Specialist


Kim Russo

IT Supervisor

Via del Macello, n. 31/f

06128 Perugia (PG), Italy


Business Center

40126 Bologna (BO), Italy

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